Ever since we were kids, born and raised in Israel, we were always fascinated by the mysterious and magical city of Jerusalem. We are amazed very time we visit the old city, with all the small dark and stony allies, the synagogues, churches and temples and all the other sacred sites the city has to offer.

For over 3000 years there were so many wars and killing over this city. There is a local joke here in Israel that anywhere you start digging in Jerusalem, you’ll probably end up finding a dead body that has been buried there for thousands of years. Now, as filmmakers, we thought to our selves: “Hey, this is the perfect location for a thriller-horror movie. And even better, this is the perfect spot to tell the story of the resurrection.”

Because of the delicate political situation in the city, it is very hard to get shooting permits in the old city. Especially in the sacred places, churches, temple mount, the holy sepulcher and so on. The religious leaders hardly ever give permission to shoot in these places. And if they do – it is for documentaries and not for feature films. We shot in these places without any authorization. We came in with a small crew and shot the scenes "under the radar.”

Throughout the film, the audience is going through a ride inside the most sacred places on earth for all three relgions (the Holy Sepulchre, Via Dolorosa, the Wailing Wall, Temple Mount etc.).

We wanted to give the audience a chance to feel and experience this dark, mystical and religious city through the eyes of our characters. To see from up close what will the resurrection actually look like, in the most reasonable place on earth to start the apocalypse.

One of the most amazing and rewarding things for us as filmmakers is to see our dream (a night mare in our case) come to life. We wanted to make a movie that will show the dark side of Jerusalem. Everyone knows this city as a religious and holly city but no one ever really showed the audience what lies deep under it. Like all Israelis, we have a love-hate relationship with this crazy place and we wanted to share this experience in our movie.

- The Paz Brothers